On December 21, 2001, new legislative provisions came into force within Australia which govern the way organisations hold and handle personal information.

RONDARLINGTON.COM respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. RONDARLINGTON.COM created this Privacy Policy Statement in order to demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy and to comply with the Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles.

The purpose of the RONDARLINGTON.COM website is to purposely obtain maximum open public exposure for the digital photographic and associated services and the Mission Beach Boat Hire operations owned and operated by Ron Darlington.

The RONDARLINGTON.COM website does not collect the names, contact details and/or any personal information from any specific visitor to this website without the consent of the said visitor.

Instances where such information will be collected :-

  • Where a site visitor has freely entered information into the PC HELP forums. This information is publicly displayed on the website. However, those choosing to leave a question in a PC HELP forum may elect not include their name and/or email address displayed.

  • Where a site visitor has entered information into either the "Contact" or "Booking" sections of this website. This information is transmitted only to Mr Ron Darlington and will not be used for any other purpose other than to effect the appropriate processing of the information supplied and to return an email reply.

Broad demographic information such as the location of site visitors (country of origin), browser types, operating systems used and page display statistics are collected and compiled for website performance assessments. No personal information is utilized in these processes.

Further, the RONDARLINGTON.COM website has been awarded the NETPORTS AUSTRALIA Trusted Seal of Privacy and Confidentiality in respect to the validity of this Privacy Policy Statement - so you can be confident your privacy is not compromised when using this website.

If you have any concerns about your privacy when on this website, please feel free to contact Ron Darlington on 0438688140 or NETORTS AUSTRALIA on 0402464478.

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